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Airtable, Is it useful for Pr Professionals?

The Airtable app is basically a task manager, but as we know when you are in the PR world you are always on the go and things can slip through the cracks.

The app has a variety of functions it allows you to create different projects within the app. Once the project is created you can add contributors and tasks. Each task is assigned a priority low, medium or high and a deadline. The application can be used on both the computer and on mobile devices which makes it super convenient. There really isn’t a difference between the mobile and desktop versions, but it seems that they update automatically.

The app has a free version and three paid versions plus, pro, and enterprise. Each version includes everything in the previous one plus some. The pricing is listed in the photo. I used the free version and was able to do everything I needed. However, I could see how a big business or firm could need to use a higher paid version as they have more people using the application.

In my opinion one of the best things about the application is the ability to prioritize tasks. I am a person who while I am calm in chaos like things to be organized. I like to know what needs to be done first and when it has to be done by. I like that it is color coded also, so if I have to just glance at it, I know what’s what.

One of the worst things about the application is the learning curve. It’s easy to put the tasks in and prioritize them put past that I don’t know what else I can do. I tried to play around but got overwhelmed trying to figure everything out.

Overall, the Airtable application proves to be an invaluable application for keeping PR professionals organized while on the go. It’s convivence and ease of use make it a PR staple for everyday use. I know that as I move into my PR career, I will be using this application both personally and professionally.



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